7 thoughts on “Snail

  1. I found a couple of those in my yard — so neat! I didn’t think they lived around here. And I found an itty bitty baby one this summer on the rabbits’ hutch. Neat!

  2. I posted this photo at a couple of groups I belong to. I was, and still am, seeking a species identification. There seems to be a toss up between the European Garden Snail and the Grove Snail, both of which are European imports and considered to be agricultural pests. Sigh. After comparing online photographs with others of my own, I am thus far leaning towards the Grove Snail. My guess is largely based on skin color, which does not factor into this particular photo. JK.

  3. I have a friend who has snails. Do you want me to ask him? I don’t know how much of an expert he is, but I think he’s pretty knowledgeable about them.

  4. It can’t hurt but it’s not necessary. I don’t foresee a lot snail posts here at Joe Kayaker. Most of them move too fast for me to get good photos. 🙂 JK.

  5. I despise writing LOL, so I won’t. But you made me laugh out loud there. Thanks for that Michele. I needed it. Perfect timing lady. JK.

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