A Snowy Egret at MNSA

Thursday, October 24, 2019,

This is an immature Snowy Egret. You can tell that it’s a juvenile by the legs. Adult birds have all black legs to go with those golden feet, while this one’s legs still have some dull yellow coloration. I took this photo at the Marine Nature Study Area in Oceanside. Both of these images are the same photograph, just different crops. I couldn’t decide which I liked better so you get to see both. The closer crop above gives you a better look at this Egret’s features, including those lovely gams. Meanwhile, the image below showcases that lovely blue water that this beautiful bird is perched above. I hope you folks will enjoy both of these images. JK


4 thoughts on “A Snowy Egret at MNSA

  1. I’m glad you couldn’t decide, each has its own, beautiful, merits. Crops often are better at teaching us something, but to see the subject in its environment is stunning.
    I always learn something from your blog, thank you for sharing as you do!

  2. Thanks for stopping in Wallace. Always a pleasure to interact with you, especially in the field. I was at MNSA today. I’m not sure I got much but it was beautiful out there. JK.

  3. Hi Jane. Yeah, I liked both crops as well, and for the same reasons you stated. Of course, it doesn’t hurt when the subject is a bird as amazing as a Snowy Egret. I’m flattered that you like my blog. When I write anything, I try to keep it short and simple. And not just because I’m lazy, although that does factor in a bit. 🙂 JK.

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