6 thoughts on “Portrait of a Wild Turkey

  1. Is this your main Tom Turkey model or a different one? Love the shot! You seem to find tons of Toms! 🙂

  2. It’s been that way my entire life. My Dad was a Tom and so is my brother. 🙂 I even had an Uncle Tom. All great guys.
    Actually, I know of two places where I can often find Turkeys. Both locations offer several Toms and hens. JK.

  3. You would have gotten to meet another Tom at Sweetbriar’s Wildlife Fair if it weren’t for the pandemic. Sir Thomas Mallory, Bagel of Huntington was going to accompany Sir Horace of the Silken Ears, First Bagel of Huntington and Louie to the Fair. Alas, they shall have to await another festive occasion to gather there.

  4. A truly great loss. I have been looking forward to meeting Sir Thomas. I’ve lost at least two people I know to COVID-19, but second to those and other similar losses, what I miss most is playing with dogs. There’s a park I frequent where I know the dogs and the dogs know me. While I and their owners understand the reasons I cannot play with and pet my furry friends, I’m not so sure the dogs themselves understand. Sigh. JK.

  5. Oh, goodness, I’m so sorry to hear of those losses. I know of people who have had significant losses and students who have suffered sick family members and losses. A very trying time. As for the dogs, I and they are grateful for the additional time together. Horace is aging incredibly fast and would have been aging thusly if I had to go to work; at least I have more time with him while he is here. Hopefully the dogs you know from the park are young dogs. {sigh.}

  6. My dog friends are all ages. So are my human friends. That’s one of the reasons I don’t pet their dogs. Some of my human friends are in high risk categories. I will say this: All of this covering up and avoidance sure makes me have a fuller appreciation of both dogs and humans. I miss companionship. I miss normal conversations. Sigh. JK.

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