Cryptic Chick

Tuesday, September 11, 2018,

Check out at how well this young Wild Turkey blends into the background. Full grown Turkeys don’t have many natural predators here on Long Island but their chicks, which are also known as poults, need to keep out of sight and off the menu. A fox or even one of the larger hawks could easily make a meal out of a young Turkey. I imagine that’s the reason that poults don’t dress as flashily as their fathers. JK

Turkey Snow Angels

Friday, March 16, 2018,

I was hiking through the Elizabeth A. Morton Refuge the day after a snow storm recently. In many places, my own boot prints were the first tracks in the snow, but not everywhere. I may have been the first human to have visited the refuge since the storm but there were plenty of critters who had left their mark before I got there. From squirrels to deer prints and the tracks of  turkeys and countless smaller birds, there were many signs of non-human visitations. I love seeing all those fresh tracks in the snow but these snow angels à la Wild Turkeys were perhaps the coolest animal tracks I saw all day. In the above photo, you can see the tracks of a deer that walked over the “angel”. The photo below shows a snow angel that was directly to the left of the photo above. I was unable to discern whether one turkey made both snow angels or if there were two turkeys working in tandem. Either way, it sure was a great find. JK.