More Turkey Shots

Friday, March 9, 2012,

A few days back a good friend of mine told me that I needed to post some “pretty” turkey shots. He felt that “people with little outdoor experience, especially kids, are going to consider wild turkeys as hideous, even frightening.” I, myself, thought that the turkey in the previous post was pretty good looking. In fact, I thought those shots were the best of the turkey shots I took that day, but he insisted that I should consider myself an educator through my photography. So, in an effort to not put anyone off their next turkey dinner, here are two more turkey shots I took at Morton Refuge.

These shots are of two different birds in the same extended bachelor flock. Up close, each turkey is different from the others. While the bachelors in the group appear very similar to each other from a distance, there are discernable differences. Body size is one. Some are bigger than others. Beard size is another. The beard is that tuft of feathers sticking out near the center of their chests. The real differences, however, are above (and including) the neck. So many magnificent variations on ugly. So ugly, in fact, that like Snapping Turtles, they are beautiful. Just one man’s opinion. JK