A Pair of Turkey Portraits

Thursday, March 8, 2018,

Here’s a couple of portrait shots of two different Turkeys I saw at Morton Refuge in Sag Harbor. They were both members of a small all-male flock. I had been hoping to find some Toms displaying or strutting around but I didn’t have any luck. However, I did get these two birds from a fairly close distance. JK


5 thoughts on “A Pair of Turkey Portraits

  1. Oh, these are great! I love the look of their feathers — so clear and close up, makes me want to pet them! Fantastic shots — they need names! 🙂

  2. Thank you Michele. I will leave the names to you but I do not suggest petting either of these guys. Turkeys are large birds and not very cute when you’re standing near them. In fact, they make it very easy to believe that dinosaurs became birds. Also, I had a couple of these guys peck seed from my hand. Turkeys peck hard. Any thoughts of petting a Turkey goes right out the window after one of them pecks your hand. JK.

  3. Well, your photography brings to life the softness of their feathers, making it tempting, but I will heed your advice. 🙂 I think we should call them Tyrone and Ted. 🙂

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