6 thoughts on “Grebes Are Small

  1. Wow, they are tiny compared to those gulls! I know those are big gulls, but even so, the little grebe looks like a rubber ducky compared to him. Nice shot!

  2. Thanks Michele. I actually thought the gull was up to something. It kept sidling closer and closer to the Grebe while it (the gull) was bathing. These gulls have been known to attack and eat ducks, and not just little ones either. JK.

  3. I know they are fearsome gulls. The Vikings of the gull world. I’m glad the little grebe remained safe. Looks like a cute plucky little fellow!

  4. At one point the Grebe had disappeared and I got nervous. All was well when it reappeared on the other side of the gull. It had swam beneath it. Whew! JK.

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