Honeybee In A Bindweed Flower

Thursday, September 7, 2017,

20170709090420-5x7awtww30This is a honeybee in a bind. A Bindweed Flower, that is. This flower looks remarkably like the Morning Glory which is a very close relation. First cousins, if you will. In fact a couple of people that I showed these pics to thought it was a Morning Glory. Luckily, I have a Master Gardener in my corner, the amazing Sue Avery, who makes most of my plant IDs. Without Sue, this post reads, “This is a bee in a white flower.” Sue is one of the folks that let me sound informed and somewhat interesting. It takes a whole team to accomplish this task and Sue is a key player on that team. Anytime I mention a plant or flower by name, it’s a safe bet that I’ve run it past Sue first. 


3 thoughts on “Honeybee In A Bindweed Flower

  1. What a COOL picture! It looks like a holy bee. It should be in a tiny stable somewhere. 😉

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