Honeybee In A Bindweed Flower

Thursday, September 7, 2017,

20170709090420-5x7awtww30This is a honeybee in a bind. A Bindweed Flower, that is. This flower looks remarkably like the Morning Glory which is a very close relation. First cousins, if you will. In fact a couple of people that I showed these pics to thought it was a Morning Glory. Luckily, I have a Master Gardener in my corner, the amazing Sue Avery, who makes most of my plant IDs. Without Sue, this post reads, “This is a bee in a white flower.” Sue is one of the folks that let me sound informed and somewhat interesting. It takes a whole team to accomplish this task and Sue is a key player on that team. Anytime I mention a plant or flower by name, it’s a safe bet that I’ve run it past Sue first. 


Golden Opportunity! Limited Time Offer!

Tuesday, November 8, 2016,

No, I’m not trying to sell you anything. Honest.

However, this is a golden opportunity with a limited time availability. Do you guys know that big, beautiful Cedar Tree (it might be a Juniper) that is in the upper farm fields, South-West across Shep Jones Lane from the Barn? A couple years back there was a working hive inside the tree complete with a sign warning folks to be careful near the tree. Well, the tree has been re-colonized and if you time it just right you can get a glimpse of a beautiful sight. Truly golden.

20161026095225-5x7wtThis morning, the show started just before 10 AM. It’s not an instantaneous thing – in fact the window of opportunity lasts just over an hour – but it is a limited time sort of thing. Too soon or too late and you’ll miss it. Also, you need a cloudless or partly cloudy sky. There’s no show without direct sunlight. Trust me, I checked. Even the shadow of the nearby branches can block it. You’ll see the honeybees but not the gold and the gold is the reason check out this sight. It’s worth the trip. I think it’s magical, and when you see it, I think you’ll agree.


 This is a shot of one of the honeybees at the edge of the hole in the tree that houses the honeycomb. That golden orb beyond this bee is the honeycomb, just out of focus. This thing is beautiful even when it’s blurry. It truly is a sight to see. Don’t miss it. JK.