Juvenile Common Yellowthroat

Tuesday, September 10, 2019,

Here’s a cute little guy that I found at Avalon Park and Preserve in Stony Brook. When I took this photo, I was fairly certain that it was one of the warblers and that maybe it was a female Yellowthroat but I really couldn’t be sure of anything. Truth be told, I am not a very good birder. So I sent these pics to my friend Luci from the Four Harbors Audubon Society and she identified it as a juvenile male Common Yellowthroat. So, I was almost correct. And do you know what? I’ll take it. JK


3 thoughts on “Juvenile Common Yellowthroat

  1. He’s very cute, but he looks very worried. It makes me want to cuddle him.
    You should get an adult one and let this guy hide. I especially like when they grow into their full “Lone Ranger Bird” look.

  2. Even so, if you get the adult, then you can play the “Long Ranger” theme when you click on the picture! 🙂

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