The Monarch and the Mantis: A Poem for Halloween

Thursday, October 31, 2019,

Orange and black are the colors of Halloween, right? Well, one of the protagonists in this post wears those very colors. I warn you, these are less than pleasant photographs. But isn’t Halloween all about being scared? And to make it scarier still, I’ve added a poem that’s sure to bring a groan.

The Monarch and the Mantis

The Monarch, she’s a beauty
An altogether cutie
Happy is the hour
When she lights upon a flower

The Mantis is a mean one
A nasty long and lean one
He’s gruesome and he’s toothsome
He’s altogether Ooh!-some

They both live in the fields
Where both come in for meals
Everyone needs to eat
And we all enjoy a treat

The Monarch she seeks nectar
The Mantis is like Lecter
That Hannibal was a cannibal
And the Mantis is no better

One day the Mantis sees the Lady
But she’s not enough afraidy
The Mantis makes a meal
Of a beauty oh so real

What good was it to be here?
I was all too late to free her
At least I got the pics
As the Mantis got his kicks

If there’s a lesson to be learned
It’s that this poet should be spurned
This poem is just awful
And that should be unlawful



8 thoughts on “The Monarch and the Mantis: A Poem for Halloween

  1. Horace and I are just two different kinds of poets is all. He’s more Robert Frost to my inner Ogden Nash. As for saving him some Monarch, I was afraid he’d get indigestion. Heck, I didn’t even know Mantises could devour Monarchs. JK.

  2. Ogden Nash, huh?
    Well, Horace will live and let live — but he’s not going to save any cicadas for you now. Gloves off.

  3. Ah, but Monarchs would probably give my esteemed friend and fellow bard indigestion. Monarchs are known to do that. Much like my poetry. JK.

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