Portrait of a Wigeon

Friday, March 13, 2020,

This is a male Wigeon that I photographed at Frank Melville Park in Setauket. These handsome ducks generally only visit Long Island during the winter months. There are still some hanging around but, soon, they will be departing for more northerly climes. I will miss them but their coming and going is what makes each change of season unique and wonderful. JK


5 thoughts on “Portrait of a Wigeon

  1. I love when you post widgets — they remind me of my walk with Sue Krause when she, too, tried to convince me they were called wigeons. But I wasn’t deceived. I know a widget when I see one. 😉

  2. Perhaps I should have titled this “Portrait of a Widget”. Although, in defense of both Sue and myself, there is no bird named Widget in my Sibley’s Guide to Birds. Food for thought young lady. JK.

  3. And there’s no such thing as a Tiger Seal, but that didn’t stop you, Sir.

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