Cuteness on the Rocks

Monday, March 16, 2020,

Time for some nearly unbearable cuteness. I took these photos back in January but I was unable to post them here at that time. Joe Kayaker was down due to technical problems that I needed outside help to fix. (Thank you Mike.) This is a young Harbor Seal I found in Westhampton. For anyone interested, a framed version of the above photo will be available as a raffle prize at this year’s Taps and Talons Festival at the Sweetbriar Nature Center on September 20, 2020. JK 


2 thoughts on “Cuteness on the Rocks

  1. These are great! So crisp! So clear! So darn CUTE!
    In the second one I especially like his pensive look. Like he’s about to compose some verse… 🙂

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