Cuteness on the Rocks

Monday, March 16, 2020,

Time for some nearly unbearable cuteness. I took these photos back in January but I was unable to post them here at that time. Joe Kayaker was down due to technical problems that I needed outside help to fix. (Thank you Mike.) This is a young Harbor Seal I found in Westhampton. For anyone interested, a framed version of the above photo will be available as a raffle prize at this year’s Taps and Talons Festival at the Sweetbriar Nature Center on September 20, 2020. JK 


The Elusive Tiger Seal

Thursday, March 12, 2020,

You’ve heard of Sea Lions in the Pacific Ocean and Leopard Seals in the waters surrounding Antarctica. Now meet the fearsome Tiger Seal. The terror of fish everywhere, yet notoriously camera shy, the Atlantic Tiger Seal has never been photographed prior to this encounter.
Or perhaps this is just an ordinary Harbor Seal whose fur just happens to be drying in an interesting pattern. 🙂  JK