4 thoughts on “Silver-spotted Skipper in Setauket

  1. Very pretty and nicely balanced photo! What kind of flower is that he’s on?

  2. I was unsure about the flower so I queried our friend Sue Avery who told me that it is probably a Japanese privet, which is a good old-fashioned hedge. This one has been allowed to flower but, despite being non-native, butterflies enjoy it. JK.

  3. Boy, she’s good! A Japanese privet. Never heard of it, but it is pretty. Thanks!

  4. Sue is the best. She’s been on staff here at Joe Kayaker for several years. Apparently, Japanese Privet is the go-to plant for hedges both here in America and in Britain. Chances are, that if you encounter a hedge, it’s a Privet. JK.

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