A Snapping Turtle at Frank Melville

Monday, August 23, 2021,

This beautiful monster, (or is it monstrous beauty?), was eyeing me as I took her photo. I was at Frank Melville Park in Setauket when I spied her below me as I was checking out the numerous Red-eared Sliders that were basking upon logs. I often see all too many Sliders, so finding this behemoth was a real treat.  JK


6 thoughts on “A Snapping Turtle at Frank Melville

  1. Great photo, with the delicate, perhaps curious (or annoyed) face above the water and the behemoth body beneath.

  2. WoooHOOOOO!!!! You’re back! And what a neat shot! She definitely did not trust you, Sir — but I’m glad she stuck around for this photograph. 🙂 And how big was she? Trash can lid size? Car wheel? Bigger??

    And might there be some OYSTERCATCHERS coming soon???

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