Female Box Turtle

Friday, June 12, 2020,

Meet 209. She is a youngish female Eastern Box Turtle that happened across my path as I was walking the grounds at Sweetbriar Nature Center. She’s not yet fully grown but I have met with this particular turtle before. As a long-time volunteer at Sweetbriar, it has been my sometime job to document the Box Turtles that roam the property. As a result, it has been my good luck and fortune to meet many of the free-ranging residents. This is not a captive turtle, but she has been tagged and documented.  JK


3 thoughts on “Female Box Turtle

  1. That first picture with the close-up is especially pleasing to the eye with the colors of her orange amidst the green grass. Very nice. I like her gentle expression too. Good shot, Joe Kayaker! Do you know she is a young turtle just because she is tagged or is there some other way to tell (like pattern on the shell or something)?

  2. I was able to discern that she is a young turtle because of her size. She’s certainly not a baby but she is not yet fully grown. JK.

  3. Oh. That makes sense. I guess I would need to see her in person — or in turtle — to have a good sense of size. Hard to tell just in a picture.

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