Jeepers Creepers!

Wednesday, April 3, 2019,

This is a Brown Creeper. It’s the first Brown Creeper that I’ve ever seen, let alone photographed. I spotted this bird while I was walking through David Weld Sanctuary in Nissequogue. I suspected that it might be a Creeper and after getting home and comparing this bird to the drawings in my Sibley’s Field Guide, I was pretty sure I was right. However, I very rarely trust myself or my guesses, so I sent this photo to a birding friend of mine and she confirmed my sighting.

She also told me that “They can be a bit tricky to see as they creep around the trunks to the opposite side of the tree.” Ain’t that the truth. This bird was working tree trunks from the bottom up but he usually managed to stay on the far side of the tree without actually seeming aware of my presence. What I mean is, he appeared to be busy looking for insects rather than fleeing my camera. This photograph captures one of the few times I got to see the whole bird, rather than a partial glimpse. I definitely got lucky here. JK


Lady Cardinal

Wednesday, March 27, 2019,

Female birds often get short shrift when it comes to observations of avian beauty. While I am certain that all males find their counterparts beautiful, it seems that we human observers focus on the male birds and tend to ignore or disregard the females. Meanwhile, they are no less attractive.

Their subdued coloration is probably a genetic-borne defense to help them stay unnoticed by predators while they raise their young. Mother Nature is very wise in Her ways. However, even with “drabber” colors, those ladies are still a wonder to behold. Female Cardinals are amongst the prettiest birds that we get to see here on Long Island, even with their muted¬† coloration. Look at this bird. Do you really think that she is any less spectacular than her mate? ¬†JK

Mr. and Mrs. Nuthatch

Wednesday, January 23, 2019,

Okay, boys and girls, today’s offering comes with a lesson. Here is how to tell the difference between male and female White-breasted Nuthatches. In the photo above we have a male doing the whole “Ain’t I cute?” pose. You see that black cap he’s wearing? Now, check out the female below. She wears a cap as well but hers is the same gray that adorns both of their backs. Can you see the difference? Then my work here is done. JK