A Sapsucker in Setauket

Tuesday, December 8, 2020,

This rather handsome bird is a male Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. I found him at Frank Melville Park in Setauket. This may be the same exact tree that I photographed a juvenile Sapsucker on over a month ago.

Many of the trees in this park are quite popular with the Sapsuckers. These birds like to drill holes into certain trees. Then they lap up the resulting sap that flows out those holes. Some of the tress at Frank Melville are literally riddles with their holes. In the photo below, you can actually see some of the flowing sap. It’s that dark shiny fluid seeping from the hole that this bird has just excavated. JK.


A Carolina Wren on a Cloudy Day

Tuesday, December 1, 2020,

This is a Carolina Wren that I chanced upon at Morton Refuge. It was a very overcast day and a rainfall was a real possibility. In fact, I had been hustling to make it back to my truck in order to evade the oncoming storm when I heard this little guy chattering away. I really like Carolina Wrens but I don’t get many opportunities to photograph them. It’s not that they are particularly rare, but they don’t sit still for long. I suspect they drink a lot of coffee. So when I spotted this guy, I did not have any high hopes but, look, you always have to try. Nothing ventured, nothing gained. And despite the lousy lighting, I did manage to capture these shots before the rain began. I hope you like them. JK.