Tuesday, May 28, 2013,

Yeah, I know. This pic is off topic. Get over it. This is Jet. She’s been with me since November 2004. You’ll have to do the math on your own ’cause you know how ladies hate having their ages discussed. Jet was already seven or eight months old when I ‘rescued’ her. There is some discrepancy in the accounts of the participants. I say I rescued this feral kitten from a certainly short and uncomfortable life, and she claims I kidnapped her and have kept her a prisoner ever since. She misses the taste of fresh sparrow and while I try to point out that I offer her a great variety of flavors throughout the day she only gives me that cold stare – you cat owners/slaves know the one – and asks why doesn’t Friskies offer up a Chunky Chipmunk Stew? I don’t have these answers and I try to explain as much but she doesn’t believe me. Trust can be a hard thing to win when you’re dealing with cats. Despite this obvious clash of opinions, Jet still sleeps on my chest on a daily basis. So maybe I’m not all bad. Jet isn’t quite buying it, even after all this time, but there’s hope yet. JK

Herman and Louie

Monday, June 6, 2011,

This is Herman, a fairly new resident at a stable out east. He is, quite literally, a handful. Only a handful. It’s been years since I last held such a small kitten and let me tell you, it was cool. To be honest, I enjoyed it a lot more than Herman did. He was much more interested in exploring his world than in meeting new humans. I’m not so sure I blame him. It’s real pretty where he lives.

This young guy is Louie, brother to Herman. He’s a bit shyer than his charismatic brother but he is a roamer of great distances, (across the street), for such a little man. I’ll be taking more pics at the stable and I hope to see more of these two guys as they grow older. JK