Window Of Opportunity

Friday, February 2, 2018,

This is a window of opportunity shot. Or, to be more exact, a gate of opportunity. I was trekking at Avalon Preserve when I came across a small flock of birds, which included this White-throated Sparrow. There was a gate standing between me and the birds I was trying to photograph. Now, when you’re shooting birds – (in the photographer sense, although I imagine that it’s much the same for hunters with guns) – you cannot approach your quarry by stepping forward. You must rely on your lens to capture the bird, otherwise said bird will fly off and leave you with a memory and a tale: “I was this close”, which is the same thing as a fisherman saying the fish was this big. As a photographer, you need to take the she shot when and where you can. This bird was beyond a gate, but if I tried to inch my way past, it would surely have flown off, so I had to take the pic where I stood. And that’s exactly what I did. I wasn’t disappointed with the result. I hope you aren’t either. JK