Going Up The Brook

Saturday, April 15, 2017,

20170414092848-5x7wtwwThis is a series of pics I took while hiking yesterday. My destination was Bear Slide Falls, which is in the southeastern Adirondacks. I was traveling up and alongside Buttermilk Brook from where it empties out into the Hudson River.

20170414093152-5x7awtwwThe hike from bottom to top is not particularly long and while it’s all uphill, the incline is not too scary. Well, except for the first tenth of a mile. That was kinda killer. A whole lot of huffing and puffing on my part. Luckily, there were plenty of trees to use as handholds. I also leaned up and rested on several of those trees as well. Joe Kayaker is very out of shape after a too long and largely sedentary winter.

20170414093746-3x5wtwwWhile I kept to the trail for the most part, there were several times I strayed from the beaten path in search of photo ops. It has been my experience that straying from the trail offers more and sometimes better opportunities to get a shot. On the other hand, sometimes it’s just a better opportunity to attract ticks. Or Poison Ivy. There are plenty of less-than-wonderful things out there. But there’s a whole lot of beauty to be seen as well. And that’s why I’m out here.


This is ‘Mud Season’ in the Adirondacks. Mud Season hereabouts starts from the beginning of April and ends mid-May. This ‘season’ is largely a result of snow-melt. Even today, after several warm days, including many reaching the 80’s there are still patches of snow. When all that snow gets around to melting, it makes for some very muddy hiking. And some really great whitewater rafting. 

20170414095140 (1)-3x5awtww

At the start of my hike the trail was mostly dry but as I made my way higher and higher the path became wetter and wetter. Oftentimes I needed to go off-trail just to stay dry. I suspect that the trail becomes a minor stream in times of major snow-melt. The shots above do not represent this paragraph. These photographs are just the scenic shots of my hike. Shots of the muddy path were fairly boring.

20170414094252-3x5wtwwThis shot is of Bear Slide Falls. It’s the reason I made this hike. To be honest, the photos I took on the way up here were much more interesting than this shot, but this is the reason why many folks make this trip. Apparently, this is popular spot for (I assume) young people to ride the water, usually in tubes or other protective gear. From what I understand it’s a fun ride. I’m too old, not to mention fragile, to try it for myself.20170414100546-5x7wtwwI may be too old too old (and brittle) to attempt a ride down Bear Falls Slide, and maybe I’m getting on but I’m not so old that I can’t appreciate enjoying the hike or the views that this hike afforded me. This is a self-portrait of me on my way back down the hill. Nothing broken here. JK