Baltimore Orioles At Sweetbriar

Monday, May 30, 2011

Sweetbriar Nature Center has a new attraction. A pair of Baltimore Orioles has set up shop in a tree adjacent to the barn. These birds always make me say wow. If you live nearby, come down and say wow yourself. This is a real treat. And a visit to Sweetbriar never sucks anyway. There’s always so much to see.

Both parents are tending to the little ones. In the above shot Mom is checking in. Moments later she wholly disappeared into the nest where I assume she was sitting on her brood. I’m don’t think the male does any sitting but he does stick his head inside to count his progeny. He’s very proud.


Orchard Oriole

Sunday, May 16, 2010

An Orchard Oriole at Avalon Preserve.

This is my first Orchard Oriole. I saw it at Avalon Preserve in one of the fields west of the barn. I knew it was something new (to me) when I saw it, but it wasn’t until I got home and perused my Sibley’s that I could identify it. Then I sent the pics to my friends at Four Harbors Audubon and they confirmed my guess. Those birding folks are very helpful. JK

Male Orchard Oriole.


Baltimore Oriole

Thursday, May 22, 2008

After hiking early yesterday I took a short trip – two hours – in the kayak. I didn’t go far. I just putted around the north end of the river. was calling for some afternoon storms and it seemed prudent not to go far. Luckily, I didn’t have to.

Right next to the King’s Park Yacht Club I saw this guy chowing down on some tent caterpillars. In the top shot you can see one of the hapless fellows at our hero’s left foot. Yum, yum. I’m nearly positive that he’s a young male Baltimore Oriole. It first I was uncertain but a photo in my Kaufman’s clinched it for me. It’s not my favorite field guide but it came through for me today. JK